You do not have to be a fitness model for a photoshoot. Every athlete can perfectly stand in front of the camera! Whether you are an indoor or outdoor athlete, we all share the same passion.

Just lost excess pounds, want to have a tight body or grow muscles. You have established a lot and that can be rewarded with a photoshoot. Reward yourself when the result is there!

Killerbody Photography provides indoor and outdoor shoots. You are welcome in the studio in Amsterdam where with various lighting your body is brought to the fore at its best. There is also a fitness setting for the real work.

Do you want a shoot in the open air or on location? No problem. This can also be provided. Contact me about the possibilities.

How does it work?

In the preparation we come to the image that we want to put down. To make it visually clear, we use a moodboard for this. We discuss the date, location, personal wishes and your outfits.

If you have a shoot in the studio, you will have your own dressing room with mirror. The studio has two sections. There is a section with a industiral gymsetting including gym attributes and a section general photo studio.  In the studio available: plybobox, boxingbag, dumbells(10/12 kg), 2x kettelebell 12 kg, Olympic Barbell, bumperplates, battlerope, slamball, skipping rope, ab-wheel and a bench.

Before the shoot you will be given the opportunity to shape your body. Various attributes are available for the warming-up.

You can bring someone with you to the shoot to assist and coach you.

After the shoot you will receive the photos per dropbox or wet transfer as soon as possible so that you can decide for yourself which photos you would like to get retouched.

Usually the photos are processed and delivered within two weeks.

See also the step-by-step plan below!

A shoot on location is no problem. Contact me about that possibility.




Book your shoot through the booking tool or e-mail your wishes for your own photo shoot and receive a quick response. You will receive further information by e-mail to start well prepared for the shoot.


You send a series of photos that serve as a mood board. These are photos that inspire you and are a example of your taste end what you like to do.


You send photos of your clothes that you want to wear during the shoot. This way I get more insight into how we set up the shoot and I can also advise you if outfits does not match in the image or give other problems.


The day has come, work hard and shine! I will coach you during the shoot.


After the shoot you will receive an invoice by e-mail. As soon as the payment is received you will receive all your photos in small format in order to make a selection.  


You select the photos you want to get retouched. These are usually processed within two weeks after your selection and delivered.


The photos are ready! They are delivered in high quality and in various colors. Enjoy your photos. Post them on social media or just keep them nice for yourself.

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